Outdoor & Indoor Furniture

Designing leisure

Drigani is a company specialising in contract and hospitality design, founded by Galliano Drigani in 1950.
Set up in Udine as a craft-scale business, it today exports its furniture and complementary pieces – made in Italy and featuring international design – to markets across the world.

Drigani since 1950

Over the course of more than 50 years – during which time it has developed its artisanal expertise and knowledge of the sector – Drigani’s passion for innovation has been ever-increasing, and it has perfected its product lines, in which aesthetics are integrated with functionality to meet whatever needs its client base may have.
Tradition, culture, passion and elegance are the values of Drigani. A perfect balance between rigorous and essential design, natural materials and precious handcrafted inserts.

Our philosophy

Drigani outdoor furniture are designed to experience space in complete relax, between comfort and pleasure. We create places and atmospheres where the hustle of everyday life waits, the time stops and your relax begins. Because free time must be designed, in every details.

Customizable collections

Thanks to its experience, Drigani is a point of reference for contract customers. Drigani interprets spaces and creates atmospheres, through cutting-edge and functional proposals.
The company produces chairs, tables, armchairs and accessories in various materials, including metal, wood, aluminium and polypropylene, and offers modular collections that perfectly fulfil the requirements of indoor and outdoor public spaces, where the versatility of the furnishings helps to define the multi-faceted nature of a given space.